Claims Processing:
Pre-billing – entering patient demographics and insurance information; checking that authorizations are on file; submitting claims electronically when possible; filing secondary claims or coordinating automatic crossovers.


Patient Billing:
Mailing out patient statements; responding to patient account inquiries. Following up on patient collections if approved by client.


Payment Posting:
Entering payments and adjustments from insurance EOBs; posting patient copays.


Verification of Benefits:
We call insurance companies to verify eligibility and detailed benefits BEFORE the patient is seen.
Financial Reports:
Access reports about the financial health of your practice. Examples include insurance aging, patient aging, and monthly and daily summaries.


Follow-up and Appeals:
Calling insurance companies to check on status of unpaid claims; refiling unpaid claims as needed; filing appeals.


We can credential new providers with all of the major insurance companies, and we monitor credentialing data throughout the year to keep you up to date with the insurance panels.


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